Photo Gallery 2014

Five festival days in more than hundred pictures: the programme, the guests, the festival public, the winners, the volunteers and the crew.

Poster HAFF 2014

Henning Wagenbreth (DE) has made the colourful poster for the 17th edition of HAFF.


Five remarkable animation installations were shown on different locations in downtown Utrecht.

Asphalt Watches

First screening in Europe of this bizar roadtrip through Canada. Hilarious and gross and larded with nice original music.

Last Hijack

Gripping combination of animation and documentary storytelling about the dangerous life of a Somalian pirate.

Bash of Stash! Music

The world's best music videos selected - from Japan to France to the USA.

Features extra

Grab your last chance to see a couple of top films from the past year on the silver screen in the original version and some brand new previews.

Competition features

Eleven films have been selected for the international competition of features, from romantic comedy and roadmovie to murder mystery and documentary.

Competition European student films

The 67 films in the competition for European student films show craftsmanship and fireworks in a whole range of techniques and daring stories.

Winners HAFF 2014

On Sunday 23 March the impressive winners of the HAFF have been announced. Check out the honourable mentions as well.

Leader HAFF 2014

Andreas Hykade (Germany) has made the leader for HAFF 2014 in his characteristic expressive style. Production Studio Film Bilder.

Programme suggestions

It may seem difficult to chart a nice course in the staggering wealth of films and festival activities like talkshows and lectures, but it is very doable. Daily programme suggestions can be found here.

Daily Masters

In Sunday's Daily Matser Wendy Morris (South Africa/Belgium) gave a lecture about committed films.

Minuscule 3D

A family-film: epic adventure in the world of insects. Full of surprises and unusual plot twists.


A story about love in times of revolution. Filmmaker Alain Ughetto looks back on his love for the Iranian student Jasmine. Interesting combination of clay animation, live action and archive films.

HAFF Junior

Nine surprising and funny shorts for 8+. About a house setting out on a journey and strange pink creatures called Smortleybacks.

Competition Dutch animation

The competition Dutch animation counts 49 films in the categories shorts, educational, leaders, commercials, clips and student films.

Competition shorts

A royal collection of 51 films from all parts of the world and a great range of narrative and as much as 16 non-narrative films.

Take a look at the programma guide.


Take a look at the special supplement of the VPRO Gids (in Dutch).