<strong>Grand Prix narrative shorts goes to Before Love (Igor Kovalyov)</strong>
<strong>Grand Prix non-narrative shorts for Track (Tochka)</strong>
<strong>Grand Prix features Cafard (Jan Bultheel)</strong>
<strong>Grand Prix Dutch animation for Witch Doctor (Floris Kaayk, Studio Smack)</strong>
<strong>MovieZone Award also to Track (Tochka)</strong>
<strong>HAFF 2016</strong>
<strong>Expanding Animation</strong>
<strong>Expanding Animation</strong>

Photo gallery

Five festival days in more than hundred pictures: the programme, the guests, the public, the winners, the volunteers and the crew.

Winners HAFF 2016

On Sunday March 20 the winners were announced. An impressive list of the state of the art. Read the complete jury statements.