CROPS is a stop motion film on centre pivot irrigation in the USA, using over 1000 circles, captured and cropped in Google Earth. In the USA, this kind of irrigation is widely used. The circles fit exactly into the grid constructed by the Public Land Survey System with square sections of one square mile. Long water-sprinkler arms rotate around a central pivot, irrigating circular fields of verdant crops in desert or semi-arid environments. Often a well, located at the centre of the circle, pumps water up from vast aquifers in the rock formations below or the Rio Grande. Starting point for a larger installation in 2014. Nomination Grand Prix Dutch animation HAFF 2013. The Grand Prix Dutch animation is made possible by the K.F. Hein Fonds, Utrecht.
Edition themes 2013 - Competition shorts 2013 - Competition Dutch animation
Netherlands, 2013
Director: Gerco de Ruijter
Producer: Gerco de Ruijter
Length: 4:00