Competition Dutch animation   

A woman who can’t have children steals the imaginary friend of a little girl and keeps this a secret from her husband. HAFF Junior Audience Award HAFF 2016 (in cooperation with EYE).
Netherlands, 2015, 10:00
Andrei Ivanovich has a bewildering experience when the water he spits into suddenly turns black. Instantly, his whole world is upside down. Nomination Grand Prix HAFF 2016 Dutch animation.
Julia Veldman c, Netherlands, 2015, 3:13
De Avonturen van Piet Pelle en Zijn Elektrieke Gazelle / The Adventures of Piet Pelle and His Electric Bike
The grandson of 'Piet Pelle', (Gazelles Iconic brand character since 1908) receives an Electronic Bike as a gift from his grandfather.
Joost van den Bosch, Erik Verkerk, Netherlands, 2015, 2:50
Ballone di Cannone
Night after night, the ambitious Eduardo, assisted by the vertigo-suffering Loet, performs daredevilish stunts in the circus.
Frodo Kuipers, Netherlands, 2015, 9:00
Be Sexy, Be Smart
Campaign for Soa Aids Netherlands to raise awareness about sexually transmitted infections and HIV.
Martijn Hogenkamp, Netherlands, 2015, 1:52
The secluded retirement home Afterglow is a depressing end station. Fortunately, feisty elderly Gerda has one spark of joy: the weekly Bingo night.
Patrick Schoenmaker, Netherlands, 2015, 2:40
Bird of Prey
In this ultrashort Spaghetti Western, two cowboys are forced into a standoff by a valuable bag.
Jelle Brunt, David de Rooij, Netherlands, 2015, 2:30
Caminandes 3: Llamigos
In this episode of the Caminandes series, we get to know our hero Koro even better. It's winter in Patagonia, food is getting scarce.
Pablo Vazquez, Netherlands, 2016, 2:30
A lion escapes from the circus. The tricks it was taught in the circus come in handy on its way back into the wild.
Oswald Verhaak, Netherlands, 2015, 2:43
Compilatie Zeer Korte Animatiefilmpjes / Compilation Short Animations
Based on recent news-items for the Morgen and NRC. Most of them are silently placed next to an article.
Tomas Schats, Netherlands, 2016, 5:00
Concerto in Bes Groot
Dutch piano virtuoso Wibi Soerjadi sits down at his pianoforte to perform his brand new solo piece for the very first time.
Liz el Saadany, Netherlands, 2015, 0:16
Cosmos Laundromat
Depressed sheep Franck only sees one way out of his boring life, until he meets the quirky salesman Franck.
Mathieu Auvray, Netherlands, 2015, 12:10
Deadly Drive-In Disaster
Special agent with Extra-terrestrial Affairs Sola Powers jumps into action when a drive-in cinema showing a UFO invasion movie is attacked by a flying saucer.
Arjan Wilschut, Netherlands, 2015, 2:40
deBeschaving Festival Intro
Leader for the deBeschaving Festival 2015, used for both the trailer before the festival and the after-movie.
Rene Sebastian, Netherlands, 2015, 0:10
Fedde Le Grand and Jewelz & Sparks: Robotic
Music video for a track that served as an intro to many of Fedde Le Grand’s live sets. Swinging choreography of flexible magnet characters.
Netherlands, 2015, 4:32
Full Feather Jacket
Clumsy seagull Manfred enjoys his humble work as a cleaner at the Air Force base.
Liz el Saadany, Netherlands, 2015, 2:34
Experimental animation, made for the music by Polish composer Janusz Bielecki.
Stefan Venbroek, Netherlands, 2015, 13:25
Glass Half
Two amateur art critics meet in a gallery and argue passionately about the pieces they see, until finally they find a piece on which they can agree...
Beorn Leonard, Netherlands, 2015, 3:00
The Lighthouse
Stop motion debut about a lighthouse keeper’s surprising discovery that pulls him out of his routine .
Simon Scheiber, Netherlands, 2015, 11:20
A Chinese farm woman, leads a tough life. The only escape in her life is making mud dolls. Visual tour the force.
Yi Zhao, Netherlands, 2015, 27:58
Four million-year-old Lucy comes alive in the imagination of a boy, when he visits a palaeontological exhibition.
Evert de Beijer, Netherlands, 2015, 9:45
The first working day of a young man, deep underground in a mine in the south of the Netherlands.
Janneke Swinkels, Tim Frijsinger, Netherlands, 2015, 5:08
Number 9 Sessions 19 & 39
Spatial pencil drawing, without sound.
Robbie Cornelissen, Netherlands, 2016, 3:12
Paniek! / Panic!
In the car on her day off Marja has a sudden rush of panic: Did she turn off the gas? Did she really not leave the water running? Audience Award HAFF 2016 Dutch animation.
Joost Lieuwma, Daan Velsink, Netherlands, 2015, 5:30
Personal Health Train
Initiative to use existing biomedical data for research and care.
René Adema, Netherlands, 2015, 2:47
The Prodigy: Wild Frontier
While camping in the woods Nelson discovers the true meaning of dualism. Music video for The Prodigy.
Mascha Halberstad, Netherlands, 2015, 3:46
Puberdagboek: Alma Mathijsen / Teenage Diary: Alma Mathijsen
Before Alma Mathijsen started writing ‘real’ books, she wrote revealing epistles about all the boys in her life in her love diary.
Samantha Williams, Netherlands, 2016, 4:22
Puberdagboek: Willem Bosch / Teenage Diary: Willem Bosch
Willem Bosch is a screenwriter now, but in his teenage years he already had a lot to say. Back then his thoughts were top secret, but now he is reading them to us personally.
Samantha Williams, Netherlands, 2016, 4:40
Red-end and the Factory Plant
Redback has to find red peppers in the wood and discovers a bio-industry of carnivorous plants.
Robin Noorda, Bethany de Forest, Netherlands, Belgium, 2015, 15:35
Road Trip to the Dutch Mountains
Pilgrimage by car through the Netherlands from Rotterdam via highways and industrial areas to the site of a Google data centre in the north of the Netherlands.
Michiel van Bakel, Netherlands, 2015, 3:33
Sai Gon
Abstract impressions of journeys to Vietnam between 2007 and 2014, mainly in and around Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).
Oerd van Cuijlenborg, Netherlands, France, 2015, 4:30
Collage of so called 'news tickers' - collected from CNN - also known as 'crawler' or 'slide'.
Roberto Voorbij, Netherlands, 2015, 0:55
De Staat: Witch Doctor
Official music video for De Staat. With a mesmerising performance in an ash-grey environment, abundant special effects, steroids and a spectacular mass choreography. Grand Prix Dutch animation HAFF 2016.
Floris Kaayk, Netherlands, 2015, 2:58
Ticking Away
A lonely watchmaker likes his job. His life hasn’t been easy. One evening a strange man brings him a special watch to repair. Nomination HAFF MovieZone Award 2016 (in cooperation with EYE).
Michael Sewnarain, Netherlands, Belgium, 2015, 9:25
Under the Apple Tree
A deceased farmer is buried by his hated brother, the vicar. Worms inhabit the corpse, discovering they’ve got full control over it.
Erik van Schaaik, Netherlands, Belgium, 2015, 18:25
Voor Film / Supporting Film
Playful documentary explores the peculiar ritual of watching film, from the perspectives of a dozen diverse viewers.
Douwe Dijkstra, Netherlands, 2015, 11:39
Zeezucht / Jonas and the Sea
A boy loves to swim with fishes. He builds an ingenious machine to be able to dive. Nomination Grand Prix HAFF 2016 Dutch animation and Professional Award HAFF 2016 Dutch animation.
Marlies van der Wel, Netherlands, 2015, 11:30