Competition Dutch animation   

A committed jury watches the contenders and grants an award for the best professional Dutch film. Besides the jury prizes an award will be chosen by the festival audience for which student films can compete as well. The competition Dutch animation is open for all Dutch animated film productions such as commercials, promotional films, music videos, educational or information films, film or television leaders, television films, episodes from television series, independently produced films, student films, broadcast design and industrial films. The mixture of all genres in competition showcases an varied and interesting showcase of the finest Dutch animation. A Grand Prize will be appointed to the winner of the jury prize for best Dutch professional film.
For the competition for Dutch animation 55 films have been selected, 16 of these are student films.

Commercial for XD Apparel in stop-motion about the production process of a winter coat. In reverse order. From jacket to trash.
Frank FM Duijnisveld, Netherlands, 2014, 1:30
Beren op de Weg / Bears on the Road
A relaxed drive ends abruptly when a bear lies in the road. It leaves Theo with nightmares.
Nadia Meezen, Netherlands, 2014, 4:07
Between Times
A small town comes alive. The cuckoo clock in the bakery remembers the time when enamoured couples walked synchronously and time did not always elapse evenly.
Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter, Netherlands, USA, 2014, 14:20
Bikkels / Tough Cookies
Animations for documentary series Bikkels. Washing, ironing, getting out of bed and putting food on the table... Not the first things that springs to mind when you are a child.
Sverre Fredriksen, Netherlands, 2014, 5:43
The Black Room
Sixty animations based on charcoal drawings, with themes like perspective and space, abstraction and figuration and the transition from two- to three-dimensional. Professional Award HAFF 2015 Dutch Animation.
Robbie Cornelissen, Kees Went, Netherlands, 2015, 8:24
Blindelings / Blindly
Inventive film with transformations of everyday events in braille on slightly tinted paper. Birds, a woman on a bike, traffic, a train thundering past.
Joanne van der Weg, Netherlands, 2014, 2:26
Bodily Dysfunctions
Humorous collection of sketches around the physical discomfort theme. The protagonists find themselves in uncomfortable and absurd physical situations.
Aisha Madu, Netherlands, 2014, 3:24
Bon Voyage! / Good Trip
Tim wants to watch the start of the Tour de France in Utrecht with his girl, but he ends up at the wrong side of the barriers and has to find a way to get to her.
Netherlands, 2014, 3:04
Cat Meets Dog
An cat and dog, their images divided over 4 panels, receive an invitation for a romantic rendez­vous.
Paul Driessen, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, 2015, 11:08
Clipphanger: Hoe Is Dierendag Ontstaan?
Why can parrots talk? What is an albino? And what causes the red-eye effect on photos? Do you give your dog or cat an extra biscuit or a new toy on World Animal Day, too?
Dario van Vree, Johan Klungel, Netherlands, 2014, 1:36
Clipphanger: Wat Doet de Gemeenteraad?
Once every four years, we can cast out votes for the local council. The elected councillors can then proceed to devise new policies.
Johan Klungel, Dario van Vree, Netherlands, 2014, 1:33
Clipphanger: Wat Is Hemelvaart?
On Ascension Thursday, you can take a walk at dawn or have a long lie-in. But in fact it is a Feast commemorating the bodily ascension of Jesus into heaven after the Resurrection.
Johan Klungel, Dario van Vree, Netherlands, 2014, 1:15
Compositie nr 7 / Composition nr 7
Abstract movie with vertical lines moving across the screen.
Elly Sloep, Netherlands, 2014, 3:28
The Counter
Graphically meticulously elaborated research of the perception of time and time layers, the past and the present.
Yasser Farahi, Netherlands, 2014, 2:58
The Crown of Truth
Tale of a mouse called Richard. He tries to discover the truth behind his existence by looking for the titular crown inside a haunted mansion. .
Senne Hartland, Netherlands, 2014, 6:13
Fairytale about beautiful but wicked witch. When she spots an attractive man, she tries to seduce him, but is unable to control her powers.
Nicole Derksen, Merel van den Broek, Netherlands, 2014, 4:16
Day of the Dutch
Eevents from the daily life of a modern (deceased) family with traditional values of family and standards, like the Dutch genre paintings from the Golden Age.
Martha Colburn, Netherlands, 2015, 4:56
A cylinder shaped cup falls and breaks into pieces. Every frame of this recorded movement is then translated into a ceramic layer that is made of the original remains of the cup. Nomination Grand Prix HAFF 2015 Dutch animation.
Johan Rijpma, Netherlands, 2014, 1:28
In our modern, technological gadget society, it's sometimes hard to see the difference between reality and fiction.
Patrick Raats, Netherlands, 2014, 2:35
Don't Do This to Me Now
Satirical news report about modern society, in plain lines. A man tries to understand himself and his surroundings.
Jack Fitzgerald, Netherlands, 2014, 8:37
End Total Ban on Abortion in El Salvador
Every year, thousands of women and girls are denied their human rights by El Salvador’s total ban on abortion.
Cesare Davolio, Netherlands, 2014, 1:39
Stop-motion film around a reindeer, the seasons and the colour blue. Four seasons in a single space.
Noa Verhofstad, Daniela Uribe, Netherlands, 2014, 1:06
In the future, humanity suffers from pollution and shortage of drinking water and natural resources. Planet Kepler-662 still has a core full of usable resources.
Johan ten Woude, Wesley Vet, Sander Bultman, Bram Vermaas, Netherlands, 2014, 5:11
Follow Through
An endless dance ends in a confrontation about leadership and trust. The dancers get more and more asynchronous.
Liz el Saadany, Netherlands, 2014, 5:56
Poignant dance film in black-and-white. In a rocky landscape, pieces of debris float around in slow motion and an extraordinary dance ensues.
Jeroen Hoogaars, Netherlands, 2014, 2:29
Haring / Herring
A young man on his way to a date desperately tries to get rid of his herring breath.
Davor Bujakovic, Junaid Chundrigar, Netherlands, 2014, 2:12
Hema: Warme Winterdagen / Hema: Warm Winterdays
Knitted campaign for the all-Dutch lifestyle brand Hema, presenting new items and offers for the coming season.
Thalia de Jong, Netherlands, 2014, 0:21
De Hondentango / The Tango of the Dogs
Cheerful sand animation with piano music. Dogs dance the tango and women transform into dogs.
Gerrie Hondius, Netherlands, 2014, 3:29
How the Bear Lost His Tail
A folk tale about a sly fox and a gullible bear. The fox achieves success by being troublesome and unfair.
Asya Golubjatnikova, Netherlands, 2014, 3:35
ING MVO: Een Betere Wereld voor Onze Kinderen / ING MVO: A Better World for Our Children
Commercial for ING presenting the Corporate Social Responsibility concept. ING CSR supports and initiates many educational projects for children around the world.
Peter Mansfelt, Netherlands, 2014, 2:26
De Ipad een Nieuw Palet / The Ipad a New Pallet
Cheerful instruction film for primary schools , introducing the painting with an iPad classes by a professional artist
Yvonne Kroese, Maurice van der Bij, Netherlands, 2015, 2:33
Jaagpad / Towing path
In transparent grey tones with the sound of murmuring water, images of the overgrowth on the bank, the river and the distant buildings transform into a mighty structure of a water wall.
Michiel van Bakel, Netherlands, 2014, 5:30
Lam 2: Red Hands
Music video for Seattle band Dark Hip Falls using ink, water and gum arabic solution.
Tess Martin, Netherlands, USA, 2014, 4:49
Life of Lights
One night in Amsterdam, a pink creature arises from a reaction of garbage with chemical waste.
Sven Stroomberg, Sander Bultman, Netherlands, 2014, 4:40
The Lost Mariner
Animated interpretation of Dr. Oliver Sacks’ case study in his book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.
Tess Martin, Netherlands, 2014, 5:45
Paint on glass animation tells a dark tale of a soldier who returns home from war to find his girlfriend has left him.
Tess Martin, Netherlands, USA, 2014, 2:54
Meet the Citizen Inspector
Information film for The Blackfish, an international marine conservation movement on a mission to end the overfishing of our oceans.
Renske Cuijpers, Wiep Teeuwisse, Iris Frankhuizen, Netherlands, 2014, 1:51
Mensjesrechten / Just Kids
Leader and credits for IKON’s documentary series Mensjesrechten.
Sverre Fredriksen, Netherlands, 2014, 1:00
Exuberant and colourful story about a hungry chameleon.
Wim Goossens, Netherlands, 2014, 3:00
Mona: Jaques & Sjors
Dairy producer Mona introduces the level-headed Jacques and the fidgety Sjors, who is very excited about the festive pudding.
Vincent Lammers, Netherlands, 2014, 0:30
Nobody Beats the Drum: Let it Go
A man leaves his stressful work life to go on an adventure through Planet Tropicana. Music video for Nobody Beats the Drum. Grand Prix HAFF 2015 Dutch animation.
Max Italiaander, Levi Jacobs, Netherlands, 2014, 3:02
Op Vakantie / On Holiday
A woman abandons her dog in the woods before going on a holiday. This decision has catastrophic consequences.
Oswald Verhaak, Netherlands, 2014, 3:26
PAI Stem Operatie / PAI Voice Surgery
Commercial for Preecha Aesthetic Institute, a famous transgender clinic in Bangkok that people can turn to for simple Botox injections to a complete sex change.
Marlieke Kasten, Netherlands, 2014, 1:25
Parallel Parking
A little alien tries to park his craft.
Silvester Zwaneveld, Netherlands, 2014, 1:35
De Ruijter collected images of American Football fields from Google Earth, and placed them in sequence with a fascinating result.
Gerco de Ruijter, Netherlands, 2014, 3:24
A Single Life
A mysterious vinyl single suddenly enables Pia to zap through her life. Oscar nomination 2015. Audience Award HAFF 2015 Dutch animation.
Netherlands, 2014, 2:15
A band of sleepy spirits in an ambulance runs out of road. The third in a series of musical films featuring Thee Wreckers. MovieZone HAFF Award 2015 in cooperation with EYE.
Rosto, Netherlands, France, Belgium, 2014, 8:50
A battlefield in the war; the city is bombed out. But rescue is near. Comedy in clay animation.
Mascha Halberstad, Netherlands, 2014, 2:15
Ultrakort Leader
A dachshund features in the announcement of a series of ultrashort animation movies. Nomination Grand Prix HAFF 2015 Dutch animation.
Patrick Raats, Netherlands, 2014, 0:12
Vrijwilligers Academie Amsterdam / Volunteers Academy Amsterdam
This animation explains what it takes to become a good volunteer and how the Volunteers Academy Amsterdam can guide you becoming one.
Robert Bolwijn, Netherlands, 2014, 1:31
Documentary about a fictitious island in the Pacific Ocean that man has never been to. Environmental pollution has produced new life forms.
Jana Kaminski, Netherlands, 2014, 4:49
Wende: Last Resistance
A girl wanders through the forest and encounters a mysterious spirit in the water.
Aimée de Jongh, Netherlands, 2014, 4:17
Transformations of a square piece of wood. A man saws it into a round shape with his finger and then pulls it into all sorts of shapes.
Andre Maat, Netherlands, 2014, 0:47
The Young Punx: All These Things Are Gone
Title track and spiritual centrepiece of The Young Punx 3rd album with characteristic deadpan drawings.
Han Hoogerbrugge, Netherlands, 2014, 13:55
Zu Hanne Darboven / Abschliessend / On Hanne Darboven/ In Conclusion
Based on 1853 pictures taken in the last space of the exhibition ‘The order of time and things. The home studio of Hanne Darboven.’
Thomas Mohr, Netherlands, 2014, 8:27